Menu Area

The Menu Area is at the top of the screen, and features (beginning from left):



Account number of the logged in user


Send feedback to the application developers

Help/Sign Out

Get help with application functions, or sign off

Download Comet Tracker

Download the current version of Comet Tracker to your desktop

What's New

Brief listing of the latest application features

Explore Actsoft

Go to Actsoft's client Knowledge Base


Click to view up to five (5) messages sent/received. New message notifications appear briefly at the bottom of the screen.

Menu Options

Application functions - click the arrow on a menu option tab for more options.


Use these buttons in the area below the menu option tabs to work with maps and grids. Tool selection varies based on the chosen menu option.


Shows in Live View only - Seconds remaining until the next data refresh. Set this interval in My Account.



Menu Option Tabs

Menu option tabs are application functions. An arrow on a tab means that more options are available via a drop-down menu.


Some of the menu options below are not available in the Advanced Wireless Forms application.



Live View      History     Reports    Alerts    Forms    Admin*   



 *Some user levels may not see all available Admin menu options.


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