Live View

Live View is not available in the Advanced Wireless Forms application.



Live View is the application's default view. Use it to view up-to-date information on vehicle movement and location. Live View consists of:

·    Map

·    Customizable grid of vehicle/handset user data


Current data for all device users displays in the grid. On login, no users are selected on the bottom grid. Choose a user from the grid to view live data on the map. The live data displays on the grid below, and on the user label. Live View label data includes:


·    Status (Stopped, Moving or Idle)

·    Date & Time (current date and time, based on the time zone selected)

·    Speed

·    Odometer Reading (if applicable)

·    Location

·    Direction (one of the 32 compass points, whether stopped, moving or idle)

·    Clocked In/Clocked Out status (if applicable)

·   Geofence Indicator Icons


Hard Mount Diagnostics

You can view hard mount sensor and diagnostic data from the grid below the map. Sensor temperature values and diagnostic codes display in the Temperature and Event columns. Temperature values display in the grid for configured hard mounts. Hover over a listing of values to see the sensor location value, if it has been specified. Click the Check Engine light to view a listing of current diagnostic codes for the vehicle. Choose any code from the listing to go to a website for further information.


Changing the Live View Display


There are several options for customizing the Live View display. Use the Default View button to set the placement of the map and grid. The normal view consists of the map above the grid. View the map in a separate window by choosing Map Window.


Choose Vertical View to view the grid and the map side by side. Or, choose Toggle View to switch between selected views.



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