Reports is not available in the Advanced Wireless Forms application.


Choose Reports to configure, generate and print data on monitored events, such as tasks and time. You can also print reports on vehicle data such as GPS speed, stops and odometer values. When you select Reports from the menu area at the top, nothing is displayed on the right pane until you make a selection from the left.


     The Reports screen is divided into vertical panels. To run reports, move through the panels from left to right:


1.     Choose a report type from the folder structure -OR- choose a scheduled report from the bottom section

2.     Choose a 'View by' preference

3.     Complete the parameters for the report

4.     Schedule and save the report -OR- run the report


Reports Folder Structure

Each category in the Reports folder structure contains additional reports. Choose from:










   Time Sheets

Scheduled Reports

The Scheduled Reports section at the bottom of the Reports screen lists default and user-created scheduled reports. Normal, Web and Power users will see the reports they have created only. Admin users can view and work with all reports. Click a report to modify, or click the X next to the report to delete it.


View by

After you have selected a report to work with, move to the View by vertical panel. Select users to view individual tracking users, or Groups to view groups of users.



In the Parameters panel, configure the specifics of the report, such as the time frame for the data collection. Some elements in the Parameters panel may vary, depending on the type of report selected. For example, if you have chosen a Maintenance report, the Maintenance field will display for you to choose a maintenance type.



Set the run frequency and auto-send reports via email in the Schedule vertical panel. Reports created and saved here will display in the Scheduled Reports listing on the left side of the Reports screen. Note that required fields are outlined in red.



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