Alerts is not available in the Advanced Wireless Forms application.



Use the Alerts function to configure system warnings, such as geofence and maintenance alerts. You can also view alerts that have been previously triggered. Alerts features:


·    Maintenance - set and schedule maintenance options, such as oil/transmission fluid changes

·    Geofence - create geographical areas, or geofences, that users must stay outside of or within

·    Hardmount - set and schedule alerts for user hard mounts, such as geographical boundaries

·    Stop - set alerts to track how long vehicles with hard mounts are stopped

·    Timeout - set alerts to track when a device has stopped transmitting positions

·    Speed - set alerts to track the speed violations of tracking users

·    Movement - set alerts to track slight movement differences in vehicles or equipment

·    Idle - set alerts to track the time that vehicles with hard mounts spend idling

·    History - search historical data for users triggering any type of alert



Alert Violations

View alert violations in the Live View grid. The Violations column in the grid displays the icons below for specific alert violations:

·    Geofence   - User has violated a geofence alert

·    Hardmount  - User has violated a hardmount alert

·    Stop - User has violated a stop alert

·    Speed - User has violated a speed alert


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