Management Forms List Grid

The Management screen features a grid listing of all forms. From this screen, you can make changes to the design of the forms shown. Also, you can view a listing of forms for select user groups, or view and print the forms list shown.


Note that the data in some of the columns will vary based on user input.


There are three (3) types of available forms:


·    Advanced

·    Default         Default forms cannot be managed or deleted.        

·    Standard



In the Action column, you can edit, manage or delete a form. However, Default forms cannot be managed or deleted. If the form has not been published, the Published column will be empty. Or, a checkmark will display in the column if the form has been published. The Name column is determined by the user, as are entries in the Users/Groups, Email to User and Email Type columns. The form type is listed in the Type column.



Working with the Grid

You can work with the columns in the grid in the standard manner - you can move them around, show or hide them. See Grid for more information on working with grid columns.


Click the Type heading to sort the forms by form type, or choose Filter from the heading drop down options to further narrow your search. Double click a form listing to edit or view it, or use the icons in the Actions column.   


You may work with only one form at a time.



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