Advanced Forms


You can use advanced forms to customize any form or work process. For example, a paper form can be recreated as an advanced form. The form structure is created on the desktop or web application, and the corresponding forms display on the handset or device.


You can create forms that include screen elements such as signature fields, buttons, drop-down lists and checkboxes. You can also add decision groups. Decision groups are new form sections that display based on user input. For example, you can create a second group to display/complete based on the details of a service call.


Repeatable forms are also available to list multiple items of the same type, such as parts used. You can also lock a form to prevent modifications after you create it.


The Forms Designer displays when you choose an advanced form, or create a new one. You can also retrieve and publish an existing advanced form from your hard drive. Click the link below to view an advanced form created for plumbing service technicians, as it appears in the Forms Designer.


Plumbing Service Technician Form



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