Landmarks and Geofences

Landmarks are pinpointed geographical map points. You can create a landmark for any area of specific interest, or you can import landmarks from an existing .csv or .txt file on your desktop. On the map, landmarks display as green or blue pushpins.


 Blue pushpins on the map indicate that a user is within the landmark boundary. They display by default and cannot be hidden.



You can work with landmarks in three places:   

·    Under the Admin menu item

·    On the Live View map

·    On the History map


Landmarks and geofences are not available in the Advanced Wireless Forms application.


Geofences are areas, or boundaries, that users must stay inside or outside. You can create a geofence alert from a previously-created landmark, or use the Add Alert dialog to pinpoint a specific location. You can set up alerts that will notify you when a worker has arrived in or left geofence boundaries. For example, if you want to track whether a worker arrives at work by 8:00 am, you can create a geofence alert that will notify you if the worker arrives at 8:01 am.

Additionally, you can monitor user proximity to geofence boundaries by creating email alerts.



Creating/Working with Geofences


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