Geofence Alerts

Create geofence alerts to mark no-entry or no-exit areas. Or, you can create an alert that will notify you when a worker or equipment has arrived in or left a certain area. You can add email notification to send you a message when alert boundaries have been crossed.


For example, if you want to track whether a worker arrives at work by 8:00 am, you can add a new geofence alert that will notify you if the worker arrives at 8:01 am.


 View geofence alert violations   in the Live View map grid.  


Geofence alerts display the following data as a customizable grid:


Alert name Scheduled times
Owner Zones (assigned alerts)
Description Users
Alert type Email Recipients


Sort the data by All, Keep In, Keep Out, Time of Arrival or Time of Departure using the View By Type button above the grid.

In the Action column, use the tools to edit or delete an alert. See Grid for more information on working with the grid.



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