Landmarks - Admin

Use Landmarks under the Admin menu item at the top to mark geographical points. You can add, delete, edit or import landmarks. When you click on Landmarks, the Landmark View that displays is a customizable grid. See Grid for more information on working with grids.


 Acceptable import file formats are .csv and .txt.


The Landmark View grid features the following data for each landmark:

·    Name

·    Address, City, State, Zip

·    Latitude

·    Longitude

·    Radius

·    GeoQuality (quality of the GPS position for the landmark)


Grid Icons


  Edit landmark details


  Geoquality indicator - GPS location of the landmark is not exact


  Geoquality indicator - No address data exists for the landmark

  Geoquality indicator - GPS location of the landmark is exact


  Delete landmark


  Create geofence alert



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