Repeatable Forms


Repeatable forms, or fields, allow users to access a sub-form when multiple pieces of data are associated with the field. For example, you can create a repeatable form that allows users to enter more than one part number. The sub-form is opened when the user accesses the repeatable field on the device.


When you select the repeatable form field type in the Forms Designer, a separate repeatable sub-form is displayed that allows you to customize the data allowed in the repeatable form.


Additionally, the top border of repeatable forms is green, indicating a different form type.


1.     To create a repeatable form, click the Add Field button.

2.     Click <Enter caption here> and enter a label for the repeatable form.  

3.     Click the Field Properties button.

4.     From the Type drop-down list, select Repeatable Form. A new sub-form is displayed on the form designer.

·    A double arrow   appears to the right of the repeatable field. This shows the work flow from the main form to the sub-form, and indicates the sub-form will open when the user accesses this field. The double arrow also shows that the user will be returned to the previous form when the sub-form is completed.

·    You can adjust the location of the sub-form if necessary. Hold your mouse pointer over the edge of the sub-form. When the four-point arrow appears, drag the sub-form to the desired location.



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