Expandable Forms

Expandable forms, or fields, are additional form fields that are accessible on a sub-form screen. When a user accesses the expandable field, a sub-form is displayed on a separate form screen on the handset.


Use expandable fields when you don't want to include all fields on the main screen. For example, use expandable fields to create form sections to streamline the form's appearance, or to provide access to optional or occasionally-used fields.


To create an expandable form that can be completed by a user once and then automatically included on all subsequent submissions, you can set the expandable form fields as template fields. Then, device users can enter the data into the expandable form and save the expandable form in mComet. Then, each time the form is accessed and completed, the saved expandable form data is automatically included with the form. To do this:

1.     Click Add Field.

2.     Click <Enter caption here> and enter a label for the expandable form.  

3.     Click the Field Properties icon.

4.     From the Type drop-down list, select Expandable Form.

A new sub form is displayed.


The double arrow appears to the right of the expandable field. This shows the work flow from the main form to the sub-form, and indicates the sub-form will open when the user accesses this field. The double arrow also shows that the user will be returned to the previous form when the sub-form is completed.



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