Dashboards are displays of forms statistics in chart formats. These charts are available in bar graph, line graph and pie chart formats. The Form Dashboard screen displays dashboards and charts.


Working with the Chart List

Creating a Dashboard



A default dashboard displays when you choose the Dashboard option. It contains the following charts:

·    Total Forms Completed  

·    Forms by Users

·    Forms by Groups

·    Forms By Day


·    Forms By Hour

·    Total Forms

·    Average By User



On the Form Dashboard screen, you can:

·    View statistical forms data as pie charts, bar graphs and line graphs

·    Create customized charts from forms data

·    Create and edit dashboards to display your charts



Customized dashboards that you create display as additional tabs next to the Dashboard tab. When you select a dashboard tab, you can choose Edit Dashboard to make changes to the dashboard. Click the X on any dashboard tab to delete it. Or, you can choose the plus (+) tab to create a new dashboard.


Charts displayed on the dashboard feature active elements. For example, you can click on a section of a pie chart or bar graph and it will open the Data View grid to display the corresponding form data. From there, you can double click an entry to view the specific data entered into the form. Form Data Detail options such as Export, Email and Print are also available.



Chart List

View and work with charts from the Form Dashboard screen. Click Options inside a chart to manage the chart view and the data shown. You can change the date range, edit, maximize or remove the chart.


Click the View Chart List button to display a listing of all available charts. On the chart list, charts are categorized as Public or Private. Public charts can be shared with or viewed by other system users on your account.  Private charts are viewable only by the user who created them.


You can select from the icons in the Action column to change or delete the charts listed. Click on the Name column on the Chart List to sort the list in ascending or descending order.   




Creating a Dashboard

Before you can create charts, you must first create a dashboard to display them. To create a dashboard:

1.     Click the plus (+) tab from the top of the screen to create a new layout, or choose Edit Dashboard while an existing dashboard is selected.

2.     Enter a name for your new dashboard view in the Name field.  

3.     Check Make this my default dashboard if you want the new layout to display by default on the Form Dashboard screen.

You may set more than one dashboard as a default. Multiple default dashboards are displayed as tabs on the Form Dashboard screen.

4.     Choose a layout type.

5.     Click Save.



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