Closest To

Use Closest To to identify tracking users closest to a landmark or other location. Closest To is part of Live View and displays with the map.  Closest To is also found on landmark label menus.


1.     In Live View, click Closest To from the Tools area of the screen. Or, right-click on any area of the map, and choose Closest To.

2.     Choose Landmark or User.

3.     Click the drop-down arrow in the Landmark or User field and choose a landmark or user, or enter a specific address in the Address, City, State and ZIP fields. If you right-clicked on a map location, all fields will be populated automatically.

You can also enter search criteria in the Landmark field using the percent (%), question mark (?) or asterisk (*) characters. For example, if you wanted to search for a particular branch location of your company, and each location begins with Branch, enter 'Branch%'. The % character will filter and return all the results that begin with Branch.

4.     Enter a numerical value in the Distance field.

5.     Click Find. The map and grid below will display only those tracking users that are within the specified distance. To search again, choose Clear.

6.     To remove the closest tracking user filter and view all tracking users, click the X in the upper right corner of the Live View pane.



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