Tracking Users

Tracking users are workers who are using a tracked (handheld or mounted) device. Use Tracking Users to control how often the device transmits and receives time, form and location information.


Tracking Users is located under the Admin menu item at the top. Tracking user data displays as a modifiable grid. You can view the following data for each user:

·    Number - Number assigned to the user

·    Name - User name

·    Time Zone - Time zone for user

·    Tracking Days - Specified days that the user is tracked

·    Hours - Tracking start times and stop times for the user

·    GPS Req Interval - How often location data is requested from GPS satellites  

·    Send Threshold - Number of GPS positions stored and sent to the server at one time

·    Device Type - Type of device in use

·    Groups - Groups assigned to the user

·    Sensor Config - Hard mount event templates assigned to the user


Drag and drop column headings to reorder them, or hover over and click the right side of a column head to display the column submenu. You can also choose Export to export the grid data to a csv file.


Additionally, you can click an icon from the Action column to edit or assign groups for users.


 You cannot add tracking users in Comet EZ.


The bottom of the screen shows the number of pages in the listing. Click Show All to view all system users, or the Refresh icon to refresh the listing.



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