Use Groups under the Admin tab to add, delete or modify groups of system users. Changes made in the Groups area determine the users displayed in the map view.  Groups created and users assigned in the Groups area also affect the content of the reports you generate.


 Only Admin users have access to Groups.


When you choose Groups, the screen is divided into three vertical panels:

·    Users Panel

·    Groups Panel

·    System Users Panel


Using these vertical panels, you can manage all users in a central area. The bottom half of the panel is activated by choices you make from the top. For example, when you click on a user in the Users panel, the group(s) that the user belongs to display in the section directly below it.  


Additionally, you can click and drag any user from one area to another. For example, you can drag a user from the Users vertical down diagonally to the Groups vertical. When you begin to drag a user or group, the red symbol changes to green if the action is allowed. Additionally, borders will display around allowable sections along with instructions to help you complete the action.



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