Use the Search function to search form data. Query data by form types, users and dates. Click the Plus (+) symbol tab(s) at the top of the Form Search screen to perform additional customized form data searches. For example, you can perform a search to find out whether a handset user completed a clock-in form correctly on a specific date.


 The Search function is view-only. Use Management to change form structures or data within the forms.



To create a new search:

1.     Choose Forms > Search.

2.     In the Select Form(s) area, click to select single or multiple forms to view. You can also use the Shift key to choose groups of forms, or the Ctrl key to choose non-consecutive forms.

3.     Click either Users or Groups to configure the data shown in the listing below.

4.     Choose Absolute Date to choose a specific date/date range, or choose Calculated Date to choose from Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week or Past 2 Weeks.

5.     Click Search.

The search shows all the data entered in forms on the handsets. Additionally, you can hover over a column heading and click the arrow that appears to sort the data by that column. See Grid for more options on working with the grid display. Use the options at the bottom of the screen to go to a specific page, page forward or backward, or refresh search results.

6.     Additionally, you can click Export to export a csv file of your search results.

7.     Click to select a single user and choose Show Detail/Hide Detail to display or hide the Form Data Detail. You can also click Show Empty Fields to see all handset form fields available within the form.


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