Landmark Shapes


There are three (3) shapes available for landmark areas: circle, polygon, and square. When you create a landmark, the numerical value entered in the Radius field forms the boundaries for the geographical location. On the Live View map, landmark boundaries are hidden by default.


You can display the boundaries and use them to edit the landmark. To edit using the landmark shape:

1.      Click on a landmark from the map and choose Zoom Here. The shaded boundary shape corresponds to the landmark's radius value.

2.      Drag and drop the shape into a different location.

3.      Click Yes to update the address to the new location, No to keep the original address, or Cancel to discard the changes.



Moving Landmarks


You can display the landmark label and use the Move option to edit the landmark:


1.      Click on a landmark from the map.

2.      Click Move from the landmark's label.

3.      Click anywhere on the map to reposition the landmark.

4.      When the dialog displays with the current landmark address and the new location, choose Keep Old Address, Update Address or Cancel Move.


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