Hard Mounts


Hard mounts can monitor vehicle events such as stops, starts, accelerations and decelerations. They can also monitor vehicle container conditions, such as temperature ranges. Other events can be monitored, depending on vehicle type and hard mount design. Choose Hardmounts under the Admin menu to add, view and configure and monitor hard mount events.


For example, a school district may want to monitor all stops for every school bus, and whether drivers engage the stop sign and doors properly. Additionally, you can choose events to monitor for specific users.


The Admin Hardmounts page features a collapsible folder structure that categorizes each template by hard mount type. Open a hard mount type folder and template to display the corresponding information.

Hard Mount Templates

You can create a set of fleet conditions and variables that you want to monitor, and assign them to a single vehicle, or a group of vehicles. This is called a template. When you select Hardmounts, you can choose Add to create a new template, or select from the folder structure on the left to modify or assign existing templates.




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